The BarnMini series

The BarnMinis are ideal for standalone solutions and solve everything from a simple task to more comprehensive solutions. BarnMinis can be used in conjunction with other Barnfind products to empower complete distributed systems in larger facilities.


This power frame can house upto 16x BarnMini devices, and provides them with 12V DC power from a single power source, with the option to add a redudant power supply. The BarnMinis can be locked into position by two common bars located at the top and the bottom which is locked by 3 screws.

The side panels with the rack “ears” can be repoisition in and out, which allows the entire power frame to mounted either recessed or sticking our of the rack. The power frame occupies 3 rack units (physical size is 2.5 rack units, but you should leave space for passive cooling).

Ideal for applications where you want to use BarnMini devices, but at the same time put them in a 19″ rack.

Technical Specifications

BarnMini bays
• 16x BarnMini bays
• 12V power supplied to each bay

Power supply
• 12V DC 120W power supply included
• Redundant power supply optional

Physical size
• 484mm x 150mm x 110mm (19.1” x 5.9” x 4.3”)
• 1.8 kg

• BTF-Mini-16 2.5RU frame
• Power supply 12V DC (110-240V AC)

Ordering code:
• BTF-Mini-16







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