The BarnMini series

The BarnMinis are ideal for standalone solutions and solve everything from a simple task to more comprehensive solutions. BarnMinis can be used in conjunction with other Barnfind products to empower complete distributed systems in larger facilities.

BarnMini22 (10G/12G)

SFP to SFP converter

The BarnMini series are made of robust materials in an elegant design. BarnMini-22 is the heir of BarnMini-02, increasing the maximum bandwidth up to 12G and adding remote monitoring via TCP/IP.

BarnMini-22 can be used for fiber conversion between multimode and single mode, Ethernet to fiber, CWDM fiber color conversion or any other combination of signals depending on the SFP selections.

BarnMini-22 is a “Norwegian army knife” –  application can be changed on the fly by replacing the SFPs.

All BarnMini modules can be used as a standalone box or in a more sophisticated system with BarnOne or BarnColor.

Technical Specifications

Electrical ports
• 2x SFP+ port (small formfactor pluggable) for transceivers, MSA compliant and non-MSA compliant, up to 12Gbps
• SMPTE 259M, 292M, 372M, 424M, 372M, ST-2081, ST-2082, DVB-ASI, AES10 (MADI), AES3, IEEE 802.3ae
• Multirate reclocking of outputs 100Mbps – 12Gbps
• SFP modules are hot pluggable/swappable
• Single-mode, multi-mode or media-converter SFP modules

Control port
• 1x RJ45 connector
• 10/100 Mbps Ethernet

Power supply
• 12-24V DC, power supply included
• Redundant power supply available with BTF-Mini-16

Physical size
• 92mm x 98mm x 22mm
• 200g

Ordering code:
• BarnMini-22



v1.0.6.2 (19th of August 2021)




Spare PSU for BarnMini series (stand-alone)


The BarnMini frame

BTF-Mini-16, is a housing with space for up to 16 x BarnMini modules of any kind.


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BarnMini solve everything from a simple task to the more comprehensive solutions where the BarnMini’s are used in conjunction with BarnOne’s to make complete distributed systems in lager facilities.