BTF1-xx Firmware Changelog


  • Add fix for potential barnone-emberplus DOS if spammed with many commands in short time-span.
  • When a Ember+ client disconnected, and there were many clients connected, software could restart.
  • Add support for LRC protocol.


  • Add support for BTF1-41-HDBNC Daughterboard.
  • Ember+, reclocker speed status from BTF1-41 didn’t update.


  • Workaround for SFPs not implementing LOS was not enabled on BTF1-41.


  • Ember+ : Matrix salvoes did not work


  • Loading network configuration settings stored with 0.x.x firmware could fail validation, causing DHCP and StateLess to be selected as IPv4 and IPv6 sources.


  • Ensure that ntpdate binary is installed


  • Use a different internal clock for timekeeping that is not affected by ntp/rdate clock adjustments. This was causing problems for the watchdog.
  • Update BlackMagic control protocol:
    • VIDEO OUTPUT LOCKS – multiple locks in the same command would usually fail.
    • Extra empty lines between commands would cause the next command to fail.
  • BTF1-xx 3G generation was unable to store analyzer mode “SDI (ignore EDH)”.
  • Internal services (BlackMagic, openGear, SNMP and SW-P-08) were unable to persistant save/restore enabled status.
  • If a IPv4 was not configured with a IP yet, some of the multicast packages sent on IPv4 could be one byte too big.


  • Watchdog now requires essential components to ping back
  • The Matrix can now be locked down to read-only to prevent accidental changes
  • A bug that caused Ember+ stop responding has been fixed
  • httpd responsons now contain DOCTYPE, avoids text sporadic appearing in black
  • Sometimes the device would use 1-2 minutes extra during bootup, this has now been fixed
  • Operating system updates


  • base-system has a major update
  • Add support 802.1x authentication
  • Add support for NTP servers
  • Add support for Hostname (used by dhclient)
  • Make it possible to disable snmp
  • Changing BNC directions dit not work as expected using openGear and SW-P-08

Please expects upgrades from below this point to take much longer time than usual, and that the device might disconnect for several minutes.


  • BlackMagic control protocol was unable to reliably set multiple changes within the same “VIDEO OUTPUT ROUTING:” request.
  • Emulate RX-LOS for SFPs that does not have this information in DDM, and were no HW-LOS is available.
  • Do not allow to downgrade the last admin user in the AuthDB.


  • BTF1-41 now supports OneShot and toggling GPO


  • Add TSL-Tally-Client
  • BTF1-41 had incorrect Hardware LOS indications for the SFP daughter board
  • GBase-CU was dropping the SFP diagnostics, functionality is now restored
  • Minor tweaks on the SMPTE-352 detection on the BTF1-xx 3G series


  • Some SFPs needed special handling in order to read out correctly every time


  • Report system and software uptime
  • Make it possible to ignore EDH errors (SD-SDI)
  • SD-SDI detection reported empty strings in the result


  • Loading BTF-41 setting files in BarnStudio caused firmware to restart


  • Support for listing and enable/disable remote control protocols.


  • Embrionix EB22 family SFP fix (writing of settings does not work yet)


  • barnone-emberplus (0.1.5 => 0.1.7):
    • Implement de.l-s-b.emberplus.identity
    • KeepAlive did not work as expected
    • BTF1-10AA: AudioMatrix should support GlowConnectionOperation_Connect
    • MainMatrix should use GlowMatrixType_OneToN (it supports both 0 and 1 source)
  • BTF1-41 updates:
    • Support for SFP16 daughter board
    • SFP LOS status could go out of sync
  • SFP support updates:
    • Add support for Embrionix EB12HDRT-MMR
    • Add support for Embrionix EB30CSRT-AM2 and EB30HDRT-AM2
    • Add support for BT-BNC-12G SFP
    • Initial support for Embrionix EB22 family SFP (writing of settings does not work yet)
  • BTF1-xx updates: Initial support for TSL Tally Server


  • BTF1-41 updates
  • BTF1-xx / BTF1-41 updates:
    Do not attempt to forward internal debug diagnostics into openGear (caused assert() and service restart)


  • BTF1-41 support
  • Do not allow to delete the last admin user in the AuthDB
  • OpenGear SFP boolean parameters refreshed VERY slow after write (TXDISABLE for instance)
  • SFP-GBase-CU: LOS parameter simulation was inverted
  • WEB: SFP boolean diagnostics that are readable, appeared as they were writeable.


  • Signal Analyzer has been redesigned to use ST-352 payload ID
  • Web-Interface now reports reclocker status


  • Add support for Ember+
  • BTF1-10-AA firmware (pass-through UBit data)
  • Blink activity LED on commands from telnet/web/ember+ traffic aswell
  • Disable HDMI sleep
  • Update SFP communication


  • Updating firmware, control software was sometimes unable to reconnect without a power-cycle.
  • Update of BTF1-10-AA-MADI firmware
  • Use a better configuration method to achieve 10/100/1000M link speed with BTSFP-Gbase-CU SFPs. Old method caused the link to be half-duplex in one direction if the link speed was forced in one end of the link; and some network switches would also reject to link.
  • A missing dependency caused openGear autodetection to not function
  • SW-P-08 updates


  • Network manager log file could grow bigger than the telnet driver buffer-size, making it impossible to connect to the frame using telnet driver and web. SNMP and openGear protocols are not affected. Power cycle does temporary recover if this happens.


  • Support for BTF1-10-AA-MADI frame
  • SNMP write support fixups (multiple writes in the same request)
  • Make it possible to use standard Telnet clients (ignore IAC triplets)
  • Detect OM4 fiber length support on SFPs
  • openGear autodetection
  • openGear frame logo
  • web-configuration now has same dark theme as BarnStudio


  • Support for new revision of the main-controller
  • Support for control of the Logo-LED in the new mechanics (green frames)
  • Minor update of the automatic changeover (Sensitive to analyzer lock)


  • Initial support for HTTP
  • Initial support for telnet
  • SW-P-08 can not change BNC direction by using Level/Matrix number 1
  • Recognize Embrionix EB30HDRT-MM SFP modules
  • Automatic change-over support
  • SDI analyzer: At 3G speed, ignore “VideoStandard” faults
  • SNMP string write requests could sometimes randomly fail


  • Initial support for BlackMagic panels
  • Try to detect the M parameter on SDI analyzer (59.94 etc framerates)
  • Fixed SFP diagnostics values in openGear. They were not scaled properly
  • SW-P-08 no longer automatic change BNC direction on matrix changes
  • If upgraded from USB, a power-cycle sometimes was required (software crash reading temporary log file)


  • SNMP Traps are now accumulated into 50ms timeslots (less traffic)
  • Retrieval of SFP information are no longer slow
  • Added support for Embrionix EB30HDRT-AM and EB30CSRT-AM
  • openGear did not work if more than one client was connected simultaneously
  • Diagnostics now show FPS on Reference Sync
  • Reference Sync time-out was too low, causing matrix switches to behave as no sync was selected
  • SW-P-08 labels now works as expected


  • A hang bug in the upgrade process was fixed. (Upgrading from v2014-10-08-0.2.1 might require reboot)
  • openGear implementation did not send changes on the BNC card to the correct OID
  • SDI analyzer added. Works in openGear already. Next version of BarnStudio will include support for this


  • Initial support for openGear protocol
  • Initial support for SFP with externally calibrated diagnostics data
  • It is now possible to see the currentely installed software versions of Barnfind packages in the firmware upgrade dialog
  • Recognize more RJ45 Ethernet SFPs
  • Bugfix: SW-P-08 disconnected if more than one client was connected
  • Bugfix: Some SNMP-traps had wrong OIDs in them


  • Network manager now makes sure that DHCP shutdown releases IP addresses
  • Initial support for SW-P-08 protocol (port 1096)
  • Initial support for Ethernet RJ45 SFP modules
  • Writing SFP parameters could cause pauses in communication
  • Network manager could freeze on netmask not dividable by 8
  • Added watchdog on critical services, restarting them if they have stopped
  • New version of Linux kernel, driver pack and net-snmp library
  • Allow to store \ in port names (used by new version of BarnStudio to make groups)
  • Initial support for SNMP traps
  • Display SFP RX/TX power in both milliwatt and dbM when possible
  • Bootup self test diagnostics now visible in diagnostics (in BarnStudio)
  • IP adress can now be configured/monitored via SNMP
  • More diagnostics from Embrionix HDMI SFP modules