BarnMini-22 Firmware Changelog


  • Some SFPs needed special handling in order to read out correctly every time
  • TCP/IP stack update


  • Port output labels changes were not visible immediately
  • TCP/IP stack update


  • Network configuration and Port input labels were stored in the same location in flash, overwriting each-others
  • Add SNMP support (behaves almost identical as BTF1-xx frame)
  • Add diagnostics support for Barnfind Copper 10/100/1000Mbit/s SFPs
  • Telnet driver did not report network status (IPconfig and route – was earlier only available via Multicast Search Scope)


  • Reclocker status change messages (sent to BarnStudio), has invalid encoding
  • Units was unable to remember Reclocker setting: ByPass on restarts.