Slomo.tv and Barnfind Technologies as Video Replay technological solutions in Polish Handball

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We are pleased to announce that after several years of testing, analysis and refining the VR (Video Replay) system, our company EventsMedia Sp z o.o. provided a complete system for video support of referee decisions during the ORLEN Super League and ORLEN Polish Cup (women’s and men’s) handball matches, in the 2023/2024, 2024/2025 and 2025/2026 seasons.

We are even more pleased because a special team of experts selected from representatives of Superliga sp. z o.o. and the team of referees of the Polish Handball Association defined very precise guidelines, requirements and expectations for the VR (VideoReplay) system for handball in Poland. The high bar meant that the best systems and technical solutions for this purpose had to be presented – they had to meet absolutely all the guidelines of the IHF regulations and take into account the specificity of handball competitions in Poland, the uniqueness of sports facilities and cooperation with TV broadcasters.

We are very proud that we managed to leave behind numerous competitors who took part in the tests and to whom the ordering party’s request for quotation was addressed. We defeated global suppliers who, like our company, have been implementing their good solutions in various sports disciplines for many years.

To meet the client’s conditions, our company faced the following challenges:

  • the system meets all regulations of the international handball federation and the Polish Handball Association and contains solutions that help referees make decisions quickly
  • providing a compact solution – mobile, which can be easily moved between facilities in different cities where matches are held
  • meet all standards of cooperation with producers and television broadcasters (both commercial and state-owned)
  • ensure the scalability of the system depending on the needs or scale of the competition
  • enable the system to cooperate with video goal-line or presentation of referee analysis on TV
  • generate time-lapse materials for immediate analysis during the match at the request of the referees, and then ensure their archiving in cloud technology for later analysis
  • provide support from qualified staff and technological solutions from renowned and, above all, certified brands
  • provide optimal solutions within a reasonable budget.

In response to the needs of this project, a team of experts from EventsMedia carried out a series of test matches, listening to the needs of the client (especially the judges), jointly analyzing the possibilities and many alternatives of the system, in order to finally propose the use of optimal tools.

We used proven (at the handball world championship level) solutions from Slomo.tv and their video system supporting referee decisions – videoReferee®. The implementation of this system in each facility turned out to be trouble-free and the operation was exemplary. The judges greatly appreciated the intuitive user interface – through a simple and clear desktop and touch screen, they were able to immediately analyze the situation they were interested in in just a few seconds, using all available camera images or a selected camera, zooming the image and watching it time-lapse. Slomo.tv is a well-known, long-term partner whose experience was of great value to us. Their entire range of specialized products can be found in every corner of the world in many sports disciplines, where they guarantee the highest quality in supporting referee decisions. An important factor here was the great innovation and flexibility of Slomo.tv in the testing process, and in the initial phase of implementation we could count on professional support from the structure of engineers from the department responsible for videoReferee, also at FIFA.

In order to ensure the transport of FullHD signals over a long distance from many cameras to the scorer’s table without loss of quality, we used BarnColor solutions from Barnfind Technologies. This solution guarantees that we can obtain any number of cameras from any OBvan covering the match and deliver them to videoReferee via optical fiber, all without delays, without compression and synchronously. Barnfind Technologies has given us transducers that are fantastic in their simplicity, which, in addition to meeting the highest quality standards (already confirmed in other sports disciplines), also guarantees the scalability of the number of signals and greatly simplifies and accelerates installation in facilities. It is also worth mentioning that the small dimensions and the ability to easily stack Barncolor perfectly fit these devices into our project, and the very attractive prices of these devices reduced the costs of the entire project.

Eventsmedia together with our technological partners: Slomo.tv and Barnfind Technologies, we feel honored to have the opportunity to participate in such an interesting project.