Minnesota, USA

Embrace the Fiber Happy customer of Barnfind products

Powered by Barnfind’s BTF1-10.

Happy customer:

“Ditch the copper and fully embrace the fiber!

That’s what Orchestra Hall did when they had us build this Super Stage Box – Powered by Barnfind’s BTF1-10.If you need to get an entire show over a couple strands of fiber, you need one of these!

Minnesota Orchestra Hall remodeled their facility a few years ago and wisely added plenty of fiber optic infrastructure.

In order to allow them to put on a show in any of the beautiful new spaces, we built him this Super Stage Box!

The Barnfind is Designed to be the most flexible, rack-space saving and affordable infrastructure platform in the audio, video and communication businesses. Highly compact and equipped with an up to 32×32 cross-point router. Barnfind offers a number of configurations to combine BNC, SFP and CWDM fiber optical multiplexing.

Ditch the copper. Then reach out and get your super stage box started!”